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Dan Gladwell

Chief Strategy Officer

Dan joined BresMed in 2011 and became a Board member in 2019. Before joining BresMed, Dan worked in R&D for Takeda Europe, leading the pre-, peri- and post-launch health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) planning for diabetes and obesity compounds. At BresMed, he has led the development of cost-effectiveness models and health technology assessment (HTA) submissions – providing strategic guidance on HEOR and market access. Dan achieved a PhD investigating the dynamic impact of health difficulties in adolescence on the formation of valued abilities and skills. Dan works with the rest of the Board to develop and articulate the strategic direction of BresMed.

In his spare time Dan loves to explore, engaging with new people and places.

What Dan says about BresMed: “BresMed is a brilliant company to work for. The culture is full of enthusiasm and innovation – working together in the pursuit of excellence.”

Curriculum vitae

Therapeutic areas of expertise

  • Breast cancer – Led the construction of an early cost-effectiveness model, scoped areas of likely contention in future HTA submissions, and contributed to the NICE scientific advice document
  • Crohn’s disease – Involved in the construction of three early models, and contributed to the parallel scientific advice document for one of the compounds
  • DLBCL – Involved in both the development of an early model as well as being Strategic Advisor on the first NICE CAR-T submission
  • Epilepsy – Constructed a cost-effectiveness model and supported subsequent HTA submissions
  • Gaucher’s disease – Constructed a global cost-effectiveness model
  • Multiple myeloma – Led the development of a global cost-effectiveness model
  • Multiple sclerosis – Led the development of a global cost-effectiveness model and mixed treatment comparison. Supported subsequent HTA submissions
  • Neuroendocrine tumours – Provided strategic support for HTA submissions
  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma – Led the development of a global cost-effectiveness model
  • Pain – Led the development of a published open source model that can be adapted for a variety of pain indications
  • Pancreatic cancer – Led the modelling and development of a NICE submission. Supported subsequent HTA submissions



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