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Becky Brereton

Chief Culture Officer

Becky joined BresMed in 2010. Following her economics degree, she worked at KPMG, then retrained as a secondary school maths teacher and senior A level examiner. At BresMed, Becky develops and implements the company’s culture initiatives to ensure BresMed is an enjoyable and vibrant place to work for all employees. She takes overall responsibility for the BresMed brand and all that it encompasses, including the BresMed values.

In her spare time, Becky loves to travel and is an avid supporter of Sheffield United, her local football team.

What Becky says about BresMed: “Even though BresMed has grown, our ‘family feel’ very much remains. Our values are at the heart of BresMed and underpin how we approach our work and how we treat each other.”

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