Our senior consultants provide technical and strategic leadership to our teams and projects

Alexis Kuchins

US Head of Business Development

Alexis joined BresMed in 2019 with 20+ years of diverse healthcare and life sciences industry experience, having worked in sales, business development and customer relationship development on both the client and consulting sides of the business.

Alexis understands the role that real world evidence and outcomes play in payer and practitioner decisions, and she draws from a breadth of experience to help clients to define, develop and execute successful health economic and outcomes research (HEOR) strategies.

In her current role as US Head of Business Development, Alexis works closely with the different practice areas within BresMed to identify market needs and opportunities for growth with existing and new clients.

Ann-Marie Chapman

Head of Insight

Ann-Marie joined BresMed in 2014 and has over 18 years of experience in health economics and outcomes research across the consultancy, pharmaceutical and medical technology industries.

Ann-Marie has wide-ranging experience in supporting health technology assessment submissions, new product implementation and stakeholder engagement with appropriate value messages.

Anne-Marie Barnes

Principal Consultant

Annie joined BresMed in 2014 after working in a strategic healthcare communications agency for over 6 years. Annie also has a strong biological research background, with a PhD in Pharmacology and 8 years’ experience in academic research; she has published seven scientific research papers in peer-reviewed journals.

At BresMed, Annie has led and managed a wide range of multi-workstream projects including HTA submissions to NICE, SMC and NCPE. She also has extensive experience in the management and delivery of a range of market access projects. Along with day-to-day management of large multi-team projects, Annie also supports the technical teams and inputs into the overall direction and strategy of these often large and complex projects.

Catherine Rycroft

Principal Research Associate

Catherine joined BresMed in 2014 and has over 13 years of consultancy experience in market access, health economics and outcomes research, and medical communications.

She has a background in biological research, a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Reading, and spent 4 years working in molecular biology research for a biotech start-up. Catherine has a strong publication record, and extensive experience in medical writing, preparing market access deliverables (including global value dossiers, health technology assessment dossiers and systematic, structured and targeted literature reviews), and developing communication pieces such as manuscripts, slide sets, abstracts, posters and newsletters.

Catherine is part of our Clinical Evidence Review team and has been instrumental in developing the global value dossier arm of the business, along with associated value communication services.

Chrissy Almond

Head of Health Economics Analysis

Chrissy joined BresMed in 2010 with a background in mathematics and has led the Health Economics Analysis team since April 2018. She has experience in leading health economic modelling and HTA submissions to NICE, the SMC, the NCPE and the TLV. She has also experience developing and leading projects that involve early economic models and global economic models.

Chrissy has expertise in the field of ophthalmology, having led projects across a wide range of ophthalmological indications.

Daniel Gladwell

Head of Corporate Strategy

Dan joined BresMed in 2011. Prior to this he worked for Takeda Europe R&D, leading the pre-, peri- and post-launch HEOR planning for diabetes and obesity compounds. At BresMed Dan has led the development of cost-effectiveness models and HTA submissions, providing strategic guidance on HEOR and market access.

Dawn Lee

Chief Scientific Officer

Dawn joined BresMed in 2010 and was head of the Health Economics Analysis team until March 2018. Dawn has over 14 years of experience in economic consultancy and modelling. In her role as Chief Scientific Officer for BresMed, Dawn is responsible for the provision of support to all BresMed’s practice areas to ensure that BresMed maintains and develops the technical skills and knowledge needed to support our clients.

Dawn has a mathematical and technical background and a core skill set covering model development and design, complex simulation and sequencing models, statistical analysis, quality control, and manufacturer representation for HTA. She has extensive experience in the development of economic models and modelling for HTA submissions in a wide variety of countries, including England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, France, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea and Israel.

Elaine Tate

Head of Commercial

Elaine joined BresMed in 2012 and has vast experience covering the entire pharmaceutical R&D process. During her career of over 30 years, she has worked at Wellcome Research Laboratories, subsidiaries of Serono and Novartis, R&D software companies and in contract research and consultancy.

Elaine supports the BresMed board in the areas of business development, business planning, contracting and compliance.

Elizabeth Thurgar

Principal Health Economist

Elizabeth joined BresMed in 2016 and has worked as a health economist for over 8 years. She has also worked as a management consultant (with a focus on health) and a government economist (Civil Service Fast Stream).

Elizabeth has experience working with pharmaceutical firms to develop health technology assessment submissions to NICE and the SMC. She also has experience in designing and building budget impact models and value proposition tools. Most recently, she worked as a member of a Technology Assessment Group for NICE, critiquing manufacturer submissions for single technology appraisals and multiple technology appraisals.

James Horscroft

Principal Insight Analyst

James joined BresMed in 2016 and specialises in expert elicitation and rare diseases. During his PhD, he worked in ideation and innovation of drugs for orphan metabolic diseases and conducted pre-clinical studies investigating potential treatments for obesity and ischaemia/reperfusion injury.

James has worked on HTA submissions, including submissions to NICE’s Highly Specialised Technologies Committee. He has also provided strategic input into market access planning and led expert elicitation projects involving surveys, interviews and Delphi panels relating to a range of therapeutic areas including immuno-oncology, ophthalmology and orphan diseases.

Kunal Srivastava

Chief Practice Officer: Evidence Evaluation Consulting

Kunal joined BresMed in 2014 and has over 13 years of experience in health economics and outcomes research consulting for the pharmaceutical industry. He has a background in pharmaceutical sciences and extensive experience in systematic reviews, literature reviews, meta-analyses, indirect comparisons and health technology assessment (HTA) submissions.

Kunal has established, trained and now leads a team of systematic reviewers, providing strategic support working on both HTA and non-HTA reviews. He is also responsible for running the BresMed India office in Gurugram.

Lisa Cox

Head of Consulting & Management

Lisa joined BresMed in 2012 and has over 10 years of consultancy experience in healthcare communications and outcomes research, and over 12 years of project management experience. She has worked on more than 50 submissions to UK health technology assessment (HTA) agencies.

Lisa takes a lead role on complex HTA projects, drawing on her experience in the industry, a clinical background and her project management skills to manage and deliver multifaceted projects, defining project strategy and direction to meet client objectives. Lisa also trains, supports and leads a team of project leads and project managers.

Marjolijn van Keep

Principal Health Economist and
Country Head BresMed Netherlands

Marjolijn joined BresMed in 2013 having completed a BSc and MSc in Pharmacy and a post-graduate certificate in International Health Technology Assessment.

Marjolijn is a senior member of the health economic analysis team. She has developed several global cost-effectiveness models and has worked on submissions to health technology assessment agencies such as NICE, the SMC, the AWMSG, the NCPE and Zorginstituut Nederland.

Neil Roskell

Head of Statistics

Neil joined BresMed in 2014 and has over 20 years of experience (8 years at GSK and 15+ years in consultancy) in health outcomes statistics, clinical trial statistics and epidemiology.

Neil has contributed to, and taken responsibility for, statistical input to submissions to many international regulatory agencies and health technology assessment agencies, including those in the US, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia.

Nic Brereton

Chief Executive Officer

Nic is the founder of BresMed, which, since 2006, he has grown from a small Sheffield-based consultancy to a highly respected international company with over 100 staff across six countries.

Nic has worked in consulting with pharmaceutical companies for over 15 years. In addition to running this successful and growing HEOR consultancy, he regularly attends and chairs clinical and health economic advisory boards.

Richard Birnie

Principal Statistician

Richard joined BresMed in 2017 and has over 5 years of experience in health outcomes statistics, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, evidence-based medicine and survival analyses. Before moving into the field of health technology assessment (HTA), Richard worked as a research scientist; he has a PhD in molecular biology and has studied a wide range of different cancers including prostate, colorectal and medulloblastoma. Richard brings a strong understanding of fundamental biological principles in oncology and experience across a range of disease areas including ophthalmology and multiple sclerosis. He has been responsible for statistical input to HTA submissions, including survival and utility analysis. He has also worked as part of an Evidence Review Group on behalf of NICE, reviewing UK HTA submissions.

Ron Akehurst


Ron is Professor Emeritus in Health Economics at the University of Sheffield and a visiting Professor at Eotvos Laurent and Corvinus Universities in Budapest. He was founding Dean of ScHARR at the University of Sheffield (1993–2010), and worked for 40 years as an academic, during which time he was involved in many methodological developments in HTA. He was a founding member of the NICE Appraisal Committee and served on the NICE Topic Selection Committee, the NICE Public Health Interventions Advisory Committee and the NICE Diagnostics Advisory Committee. He formerly served as an Economic Advisor at the Department of Health, as a Specialist Advisor to the House of Commons Health Select Committee and as a Non-Executive Board Member of Rotherham Health Authority.

Ron moved from academia to BresMed in 2011. Currently, he is a member of the NICE Highly Specialised Technologies Committee and the Rare Diseases Advisory Group at NHS England.

Sallie Stradwick

Head of Clinical Evidence Review

Sallie has been instrumental in developing the Clinical Evidence Review team since joining BresMed in its infancy in 2010.

She has worked in clinical research for over 15 years, specifically reviewing clinical evidence in a health economics and outcomes research context for the last 8 years. Sallie’s experience includes developing value messages, and offering strategic support in demonstrating clinical benefit as part of dossier development (value and reimbursement) and primary research projects (systematic reviews, meta-analyses, targeted literature reviews and gap analyses).

Steve Beard

Chief Practice Officer: HTA & Reimbursement Consulting

Steve joined BresMed in 2013 and has over 20 years of HTA and HEOR experience in a senior consulting and managerial role, developing and leading teams providing strategic and health economics guidance and submission advice within the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry.

He has extensive experience in the areas of health economic modelling, statistical analysis, HTA strategy and market access value demonstration. Steve is an honorary Senior Research Fellow, Health Economics & Decision Science (HEDS), ScHARR, University of Sheffield.

Yang Meng

US Head of Health Economics Analysis

Yang joined BresMed in 2014 and has over 10 years of experience in health modelling and health technology assessment (HTA), spanning PhD research in infectious disease modelling, academia at ScHARR at the University of Sheffield, and health economics and outcomes research consultancy at BresMed.

He has taken responsibility for, and contributed to, economic modelling and statistical analysis for successful global and country-specific economic models and submissions to regulatory and HTA agencies including those of the UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Spain and Italy.