Communicating in the right way to the right audience

Health technology assessment (HTA) and reimbursement submission support

BresMed has a core expertise and proven track record in developing evidence for, and in writing, HTA submissions for our clients. We can provide support for all UK and international HTA/reimbursement submissions by leveraging our internal expertise and working with our network partners in other countries.

We offer:

  • Strategic preparation and HTA storyboard development
  • Development of relevant materials (e.g. systematic reviews, evidence synthesis, economic modelling)
  • The set-up of HTA, clinical or economic advisory boards
  • Dossier writing
  • Post-submission support, including review and response to formal evaluation reports and draft determinations
  • Representation in appraisal meetings
  • Detailed briefings or ‘mock’ appraisal meetings to help you prepare for your submission defence

Value Dossiers

From our substantial experience in developing HTA and reimbursement dossiers, we understand the value arguments that resonate with different payers. We can build on early product value assessment activities to provide you with a central resource for your team and regional affiliates. This ensures alignment for all stakeholders on the key value arguments for your product, and the evidence supporting them.

We offer:

  • Development of a clear, focused and evidence based value proposition
  • Disease and product value messages, which can be targeted to specific audiences and adapted to specific countries where relevant
  • Clear signposting of the ‘problem’ (unmet need) and the ‘solutions’ (value) offered by your product
  • Stakeholder and payer surveys
  • Objection handlers
  • Value toolkits
  • Value training workshops