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intRface™, our proprietary R/R-Shiny solution combines the user-friendliness of Microsoft Excel® with the flexibility to integrate statistics and modeling with the speed of R.

Advantages of using intRface:

  • Economics and underpinning statistical analyses are all carried out in one place
  • Scope for multiple modeling and complex analysis strategies
  • Flexibility to swiftly include additional data cuts
  • The reusable core modeling framework means one model can include multiple indications and countries; perfect for truly global early modeling, pricing and strategy analysis
  • User-friendly front-end with an Excel-like look and feel
  • Outcomes can be exported as figures, Excel CSV files and Microsoft Word reports
  • Sensitivity analysis ~9 times faster than equivalent Excel in testing

Improving Efficiency in HTA – Video panel discussion conducted at ISPOR Europe 2019 for The Evidence Base

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Excel® models are ideal for simple/intermediate complexity models with fairly straight forward options and analyses.

  • The advantage of Excel lies in its global availability and literacy
  • BresMed has over 10 years of experience in building and quality checking Excel models

R models have the benefit of increased flexibility, speed and reusability but can only be reviewed by users comfortable with code who do not require a front-end.

BresMed will work with you to find your optimal solution