Working with clients to demonstrate product value

Early product value assessment

We offer:

  • Identification and review of the disease area and payer/decision maker landscape to understand unmet needs, likely comparators, opportunities and key barriers to uptake
  • Assessment of your evidence base, identification of data gaps and potential solutions to fill those gaps
  • Early economic modelling and threshold analyses
  • Identification of the key value drivers for your product, target populations and subgroups
  • Guidance on health economic and outcomes research data to be included in clinical trials and analyses plans
  • Payer and expert interviews to help develop and validate your value story

Integrated strategic support

We offer:

  • Collaborative and iterative development and testing of both global and local supportable value propositions
  • Early conceptual modelling to:
    • explore economic value across multiple markets and multiple indications
    • identify and define evidence needs
    • test the economic implications of value propositions
  • Identification of evidence needs for reimbursement that can be captured in the clinical trial programme, alongside the core evidence for registration
  • Identification of additional studies to be conducted outside of trials to support pricing and reimbursement
  • Responsive to methodological challenges, involving both original and secondary research either with in-house specialists or in collaboration with external experts