A comprehensive portfolio of services covering the full product development pipeline

We ensure that projects meet our clients’ needs by helping them to define, develop and execute successful health economic and outcomes research (HEOR) strategies. Our services fall into three interrelated groups: Evidence Review, Evidence Development, and Communications, with a common thread of Strategy & Insight.

Evidence Review

  • Systematic reviews and interpretation of clinical and economic evidence
  • Structured and targeted literature reviews (e.g. burden of illness, unmet needs assessments, health technology assessment [HTA] & payer landscaping)
  • Payer and/or expert interviews, Delphi panels and focus groups
  • Network meta-analyses and indirect treatment comparisons
  • Within-trial patient-level data analyses

Evidence Development

  • Survival modelling and extrapolation
  • intRface – integrated statistics and modeling in R
  • Cost-effectiveness and cost-utility models
    • Cohort models and individual patient-level simulations
    • Core (global) economic models or HTA agency specific models
    • Early planning models
  • Budget impact models
  • Health-related quality of life/utility studies


 Strategy & Insight

  • Portfolio planning
  • Early product value assessment
  • Implementation planning
  • Methodological and strategic advice
  • Organising and attending/chairing advisory boards (clinical and economic)
  • Review, critique and development of HEOR evidence generation plans (e.g. clinical trial design and outcomes assessment/instrument selection, payer evidence planning)
  • Review and critique of existing economic models and HTA evidence materials
  • Mock HTA appraisal meetings
  • Critical review of your HTA submission
  • Preparation for formal HTA scientific advice
  • Integrated strategic support

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