A blend of experience from consultancy, industry and academia

Our team consists of health economists, health technology assessment and health economics and outcomes research specialists, statisticians and systematic reviewers, as well as dedicated strategic consulting and insights experts. In addition, we have an in-house editorial team and experienced project managers who will ensure your project runs smoothly.

  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma
  • Adam Kasle
    Adam Kasle
  • Aiman Afaque
    Aiman Afaque
  • Alanna Rutter
    Alanna Rutter
  • Alison Hammerton
    Alison Hammerton
  • Amy Mitchell
    Amy Mitchell
  • Angelica Lopez Angarita
    Angelica Lopez Angarita
  • Angie Raad
    Angie Raad
  • Ankush Taneja
    Ankush Taneja
  • Ann-Marie Chapman
    Ann-Marie Chapman
  • Anna Willis
    Anna Willis
  • Anne-Marie Barnes
    Anne-Marie Barnes
  • Arpita Verma
    Arpita Verma
  • Becky Brereton
    Becky Brereton
  • Becky Johnson
    Becky Johnson
  • Beth Schröder
    Beth Schröder
  • Cameron Lilley
    Cameron Lilley
  • Carla Vossen
    Carla Vossen
  • Catarina Neves
    Catarina Neves
  • Chloë Hardern
    Chloë Hardern
  • Chrissy Almond
    Chrissy Almond
  • Darren Burns
    Darren Burns
  • David Elsea
    David Elsea
  • Dawn Lee
    Dawn Lee
  • Debjani Nandi
    Debjani Nandi
  • Deepali Soni
    Deepali Soni
  • Dinesh Singh
    Dinesh Singh
  • Donna Dawson
    Donna Dawson
  • Elaine Tate
    Elaine Tate
  • Elizabeth Thurgar
    Elizabeth Thurgar
  • Ellian Lebbink
    Ellian Lebbink
  • Emily-Ruth Marriott
    Emily-Ruth Marriott
  • Farouk Saeed
    Farouk Saeed
  • Frank van Hees
    Frank van Hees
  • Grant McCarthy
    Grant McCarthy
  • Hannah Dawson
    Hannah Dawson
  • Hannah Kilvert
    Hannah Kilvert
  • Heather McKinlay
    Heather McKinlay
  • Indeg Sly
    Indeg Sly
  • Jaesh Naik
    Jaesh Naik
  • Jake Horgan
    Jake Horgan
  • James Horscroft
    James Horscroft
  • James Latimer
    James Latimer
  • Jane Moorhouse
    Jane Moorhouse
  • Jennifer Boer
    Jennifer Boer
  • Jennifer Marsden-Lambert
    Jennifer Marsden-Lambert
  • Jenny Britton
    Jenny Britton
  • Joanne Gregory
    Joanne Gregory
  • Julia Patterson
    Julia Patterson
  • Karl Patterson
    Karl Patterson
  • Kate Sheridan
    Kate Sheridan
  • Kayleigh Tate
    Kayleigh Tate
  • Kaylie Metcalfe
    Kaylie Metcalfe
  • Kristie Broadhead
    Kristie Broadhead
  • Kunal Srivastava
    Kunal Srivastava
  • Laura Everett
    Laura Everett
  • Laura Knowles
    Laura Knowles
  • Lewis Ralph
    Lewis Ralph
  • Lisa Cox
    Lisa Cox
  • Mairi MacInnes
    Mairi MacInnes
  • Marieke Schurer
    Marieke Schurer
  • Marjolijn van Keep
    Marjolijn van Keep
  • Matt Bonnington
    Matt Bonnington
  • Matthew Hemstock
    Matthew Hemstock
  • Matthew Woods
    Matthew Woods
  • Melissa Perry
    Melissa Perry
  • Miranda Cooper
    Miranda Cooper
  • Mohit Kumar Bhutani
    Mohit Kumar Bhutani
  • Nadia van Dalfsen
    Nadia van Dalfsen
  • Namita Kaushik
    Namita Kaushik
  • Naomi Brears
    Naomi Brears
  • Nathaly Turner
    Nathaly Turner
  • Naveen Sharma
    Naveen Sharma
  • Neeraj Singh Rawat
    Neeraj Singh Rawat
  • Neil Roskell
    Neil Roskell
  • Nic Brereton
    Nic Brereton
  • Nisha Bhatt
    Nisha Bhatt
  • Norma Beavers
    Norma Beavers
  • Parichita Kotnala
    Parichita Kotnala
  • Patrick Zimba
    Patrick Zimba
  • Peter Elroy
    Peter Elroy
  • Philip Morgan
    Philip Morgan
  • Preety Rajora
    Preety Rajora
  • Priyamvada Gaur
    Priyamvada Gaur
  • Rachael Batteson
    Rachael Batteson
  • Rachel Millsted
    Rachel Millsted
  • Rachel Ramsden
    Rachel Ramsden
  • Rambabu Vatte
    Rambabu Vatte
  • Renu Patel
    Renu Patel
  • Robert Kidd
    Robert Kidd
  • Rochale Lee
    Rochale Lee
  • Ron Akehurst
    Ron Akehurst
  • Rose Hart
    Rose Hart
  • Sarah Laycock
    Sarah Laycock
  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith
  • Sarah Steel
    Sarah Steel
  • Sarah Trueman
    Sarah Trueman
  • Shruti Sharma
    Shruti Sharma
  • Simone Critchlow
    Simone Critchlow
  • Steve Beard
    Steve Beard
  • Sue Latimer
    Sue Latimer
  • Surabhi Gupta
    Surabhi Gupta
  • Susan Moloney
    Susan Moloney
  • Suzette Matthijsse
    Suzette Matthijsse
  • Tracey Jones-Hughes
    Tracey Jones-Hughes
  • Tribhuwan Bahuguna
    Tribhuwan Bahuguna
  • Uzmah Sabar
    Uzmah Sabar
  • Victoria Palmer
    Victoria Palmer
  • Will Sullivan
    Will Sullivan
  • Yang Meng
    Yang Meng
  • Zoe Philips
    Zoe Philips